"Be not afraid"Trust in Thy Saviour,
He will thy watchful Shepherd be
Looking to Him "moment by moment,"
Safe in His care, all fears shall flee.
Be not afraid, be of good courage,
God is thy strength thy constant Friend;
Father and King, mighty Deliverer,
Trust in His love, on Him depend.
There never falls a night so dreary
But Jesus offers His loving care,.....
Be of good courageIBe of good courageI
All of thy burdens He will share.
O, be not afraid, He is with thee,
Go bravely on thy way,....
He giveth His strength to the weary,
O, be not afraid, but watch and pray....
"Be not afraid" Jesus is with thee,
Naught can against His might prevail;
Lift up thy voice, praise Him with singing
Praise Him whose power doth ever avail.
O, praise His name, He hath redeemed theeI
He will thy Guard and Shelter be,
All of thy need freely supplying,
He, all thy future, now doth see.
On Him with perfect trust relying
Go bravely forward without a fear,....
He will sustain thee,
Naught need enchain thee,
Pray, trust, believe and be of cheer.
"Be Not Afraid" Lyrics Anna Richards
Adapted from Gounod.By I.H.Meredith
"Sunday School Hymns No1." #136