Behold the Saviour silent stand
Ere slain on Calvary !
A crown of thorns His brow adorns,
Yet King of heav'n is He !
The mighty King of heav'n is He
Who dies for you and me !
He suffers loss, He bears the cross,
He dies for you and me !
In purple robe is He arrayed
Ere yet the deed is done;
And soldiers stand on ev'ry hand
To guard the Gentle One !
The hosts of heav'n He could command
From them to set Him free;
Yet, O He proves to us His love
By death on Calvary !
"Behold the Saviour !"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music R. Frank Lehman
"Behold the Saviour !" (Consecrated Hymns #61) Arranged by KS 10/08/05