Beyond the sunshine and the rain,
Beyond the song and weary sigh,
Beyond life's sorrow, joy and pain,
There waits a house for me on high.
Beyond the stars, beyond the sea,
Bright heav'nly mansions wait for me;
Beyond life's pain and mystery,
Bright heav'nly mansions wait for me,
Bright mansions wait for me.
I know not all the glories there,
My longing eyes at last shall see;
But O, I know those mansions fair,
With joys untold are waiting me.
O, in that heav'nly home so bright,
Is naught of sorrow, tears or pain,
There falls no shadow of the night,
There, parted friends shall meet again.
"Beyond the stars"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music R. Frank Lehman
"Beyond the stars" (Consecrated Hymns #20) Arranged by KS 10/08/29