We are happy little birds,
Singing, singing cheerily;
We are learning Bible words,
Of our Jesus ev'ry day.....
Happy, happy Children's Day !
Little ones like us can tell,
Jesus loves us all so well.
Robins wake at early morn,
Telling us that summer's come;
Chick-a-dees have flown away,
Frost and winter's snow have gone.
Chirping birds and bobolinks,
Singing sweetly, seem to say,
"June has come with roses bright,
This is happy Children's Day."
Hearts and voices join the choir,
Birds and blossoms are all gay;
Singing praises to our Lord,
On this happy Children's Day.....
"Birds are happy, so are we"
Lyrics Kate Deland
Music W.A. Post
"Birds are happy, so are we" (Children's Praise No.1 #121) Arranged by KS 10/09/23