Children of the kingdom, never turn aside,
Not for gleaming pleasure, not for dream of pride,
Forward ! is the watchword of the foll'wers of the Master,
Forward ! In His promised strength abide.
Never, never doubt Him, for His word is sure,
All the way and ev'ry day it shall endure.
Forward ! is the watchword of the Saviour King,
Forward go, while songs of faith you sing......
Forward ! Forward ! Shout, oh, shout hosana !
Rally 'neath the banner, Forward ! Forward !
Till the heights of heav'n we see
Children of the kingdom, listen not to fear,
Never foe can harm you with your Captain near,
Trust His loving watchcare, for 'tis like a banner o'er you,
Let this tho't your times of darkness cheer.
Trust Him loving watchcare, lo ! He is at hand !
He, when you shall need Him, close beside will stand,
He is your Deliv'rer, heed His least command,
He will lead you with His gentle hand........
Children of the kingdom, take your birthright now,
With sweet peace from Heaven, Jesus doth endow,
Looking unto Him, as Leader in the earthly journey,
Lovingly before your Master bow.
Trust Him, for He loves you with a changeless love,
Trust Him, for He watches from His home above.
He is your Redeemer, naught your soul can move,
All His tender mercy you shall prove..........
"Children of the Kingdom"
Lyrics Flora Kirkland
Music I.H. Meredith 1906
"Children of the Kingdom" (The Bible School Hymnal #160)@Arranged by KS 10/05/15