Now we hail the joyous chime
Of Easter joybells ringing,
Now we hail the gladsome time
When happy hearts are singing.
When happy hearts are singing.
Bells oh ring, and glad hearts sing,
Tell the wondrous story,
To the world a message bring
Of the King of glory.
Oft as merry Easter bells
Ring out their message golden,
Each measured chime in music tells
A story sweet and olden,
A story sweet and olden.
Bells of Easter earth can know,
Sweeter music never !
Ring in gladness to and fro,
Oh, ring on forever !
Oh, ring on forever !
"Easter Bells"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music Adam Geibel
"Easter Bells" Fairer than day #196 Arranged by KS 11/05/22