From the world unspotted hold your ownward way,
Your onward way, To realm of day,
Lead the life your Lord commands you, day by day,
His precepts keeping all the way.
He who died to save you, lives your King to be,
O, let Him see, How faithfully,
Ev'ry day and all the way, with grateful love,
You seek to please your Lord above.
Ev'ry day and all the way with purpose true
Your faith renew, Your duty do;
Ev'ry day and all the way oh, seek to bear,
A faithful witness ev'rywhere.
Seek to follow Jesus as He leads the way,
By night and day, Nor idly stray;
Ever seek He knoweth all,
That shall your future life befall.
He will help and shield you when the storms arise,
'Neath dark'ning skies, O, lift your eyes !
Ever to the hills above, whence help divine,
With beams of tender love shall shine.
Faint not, but be faithful and of constant cheer,
For God is near, You need not fear,
He is ever loyal to His changeless word,
O, trust the promise of your Lord !
He will never fail you, nor His own forsake;
Fresh courage take ! Fresh effort make !
Ev'ry day and all the way, oh trust your King !
'Till safe at home His praise you sing.
"Every Day and all the Way"
Lyrics Anna Richarde Music Howard E. Smith
"Every Day and all the Way" (Sunday School Hymns No.1 #114) Arranged by KS 10/08/28