Flowers bring, Carols sing,
Lo, the winter days are o'er,
Soft winds blow, Streamlets flow,
All things wake to life once more.
Glory be, Lord, to Thee,
Carol ev'ry living thing,
Wake, my heart, Bear thy part
In the song all nations sing.
Love and praise To Him raise
Who hath given life and death,
Who the night Turns to light
And to morn the shades of death.
Flowers bring, Carols sing,
While we all keep Easter day,
Seasons glide, Hours abide,
Love shall live and bloom always.
"Flowers Bring, Carols Sing"
Lyrics F.L.Hosmer
Music WM.D. Armstrong
"Flowers Bring, Carols Sing" (Sunday School Hymns No.2 #238) Arranged by KS 10/05/11