God be with us here today,
Hear, oh, hear us while we pray,
Let Thy Spirit guide us thro'the happy hour,
That this service here may be
One that truly pleases Thee,
Fill us wirh Thy zeal, endue us with Thy pow'er.
God be with us, God be with us,
Bless us as we meet today,
Let Thy face upon us shine,
Fill our hearts with love divine,
God be with us, God be with us here today.
God be with us here today,Be in all we do and say,
Fit us for each duty as it shall appear.
May an inspiration sweet
Make us for Thy service meet,
May Thy smile be on us as we gather here.
God be with us here today,
Show to us the narrow way,
Lead us into service that shall helpful be.
We have heard Thy loving call,
We have gathered one and all,
That some precious lesson we may learn from Thee. #Chorus
"God be with us"
Lyrics M.T.Shelford
Music J.W. Lerman
"God be with us" (The Bible School Hymnal #77) Arranged by KS 10/07/08