I am a child of God I read it in His word,
With this wonderous truth my soul to love is stirred,
'Tis the sweetest story mortal ear hath heard,
That "God is good."
"God is good, and I am His child,"
With His grace my heart He beguiled;
O'er my way His lovelight hath smiled,
Yes, " God is good"
Thro' each shadowed vale He will my footsteps lead,
And my fainting soul with mana He will feed;
He will care for me however great my need,
For "God is good"
I will trust His love and never, never, fear,
Harm cannot befall me while He is so near,
And should sorrow come, He'll dry each falling tear,
For "God is good"
In the better land I'll some day take my place,
With the ransomed host thro' wondrs of His grace,
There to serve beneath the smiling of His face,
Yes, " God is good"
Lyrics & Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"God is good" Jehovah's Praise #93 Arranged by KS 10/010/05