Where high, the spreading maple grows,
The pigeon house we see;
When morning paints the sky with rose,
They fly out, glad and free;
All day they joy in sunny light,
Then, coming home, they coo good night.
Good night ! good night !
Good night ! good night !
Our heaven'nly Father gave them wings,
And notes of pleasant sound;
He sweetly cares for all young things
All o'er the world so round;
And when above the stars are bright,
We'll look to Him, and say good night.
Our heav'nly Father hears their cry,
My pigeons, White and gray;
He cares for all, as years roll by,
And helps us on the way;
And when we're call'd to heaven's light,
We'll trust His love, and say good night.
"Good night !"
Lyrics E.E. Hewitt
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Good night !" (Children's Praise No.1 #112) Arranged by KS 10/09/23