Gracious Spirit, Dove divine,
Let Thy light within me shine;
All my guilty fears remove,
Fill me full of Heav'n love
Let me never from Thee stray,
Keep me in the narrow way,
Fill my soul with joy divine,
Keep me,Lord .......forever Thine.
Speak Thy pard'ning grace to me,
Set the burden'd sinner free,
Lead me to the Lamb of God,
Wash me in His precious blood.
Life and peace to me impart,
Seal salvation to my heart,
Breathe Thyself into my breast,
Earnest of immortal rest.
"Gacious Spirit, Dove divine"
Lyrics John Stocker
Music I.H. Meredith
"Gracious Spirit, Dove divine" (The Bible School Hymnal #31) Arranged by KS 10/07/18