Happy Sabbath Day of rest has come to us again,
Its peaceful hours are ever blest, 'tis God's own gift to men;
And all who carry out His law,and His commandment keep,
Sweet peace will find in heart
and mind, and rich reward will reap.
Oh, happy happy Sabbath Day, we delight to meet,
To read the Holy word of God, and learn lessons sweet;
Oh, happy, happy Sabbath Day,when we delight to meet
To read the Holy Word of God, And learn its lessons sweet.
The happy Sabbath Day of joy brings light to ev'ry heart,
And blessings, free from care's alloy, to all it will impart;
So when we all assemble here, our happy songs to sing,
To God above a world of love, His children ever bring.
Oh, happy Sabbath Day of peace, grant unto us thy light,
And may thy power never cease, to make our pathway bright;
May we with ev'ry passing year, more joy in service see,
And ever seek thro' all the week, the light we gain from thee !
"Happy Sabbath Day"
Lyrics Edith S.Tillotson
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Happy Sabbath Day" (The Bible School Hymnal #94)@Arranged by KS 10/06/13