Ev'ry star so brightly shining,
In the deep blue sky above;
Tells us of our heav'nly Father,
Tells us of His tender love.
He doth love us, He doth love us,
Love us dearly this we know;
For He made this world so lovely,
That all things might tell us so.
Ev'ry bird so sweetly singing,
Ev'ry flow'r and ev'ry tree,
Ev'ry brook and ev'ry sunbeam,
Tells His love for you and me.
While all things are ever telling,
Of our Father great and good,
We will join with them in praising,
As His little children should.
Lyrics Kate Ulmer
Music I.H. Meredith
"He doth love us" Children's Praise No.1 #70 Arranged by KS 10/010/03