Little birdies in the morning,
Open wide their pretty eyes;
Looking thro' the leafy tree-tops,
Up into the bright blue sky.
Not a fear have they of danger,
Thro' the longest, darkest night;
God above is watching o'er them,
Keeps them safe till morning light.
Little blossoms in the morning,
smile up at the golden sun;
Drinking in the sparkling dewdrops,
Gaily nodding, ev'ry one.
If for birds and flow'rs He careth,
Why should little children fear ?
O'er them all the heav'nly Father,
Day and night is watching near.
"In the morning"
Lyrics Kate Ulmer
Music J.W. Lerman
"In the morning" (Children's Praise No.1 #67) Arranged by KS 10/09/23