Jesus our Defender, Ever true and tender,
Thankful praise we render Unto Thee today;
Chimes of greeting ring Thee,
Joyful anthems sing Thee,
Loving service bring Thee, And Thy call obey.
Hail, all hail, our Saviour, our Redeemer,
On this day Thy praises here we sing;
Thee we own, triumphant and immortal,
Hail, all hail, to Thee our Holy King.
On Thy Word believing, And thy grace receiving,
May we cease from grieving That great love of Thine;
May we live to praise Thee, As our King upraise Thee,
Till each heart obeys Thee, Thou, our Lord divine.
Jesus, our Salvation, Hear our adoration,
Unto ev'ry nation May Thy praises ring;
Till each heart has shown Thee,
That as Lord we own Thee,
And with praise enthrone Thee, Everlasting King.
Lyrics Mrs. Frank A. Breck
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Jesus our Defender" Sunday School Hymns No.2 #97 Arranged by KS 10/010/16