Lift up, my soul, thy praises, For God is on His throne,
Above all earthly kingdoms He reighns in pow'r alone !
The Lord of all the nations, Eternal King of all,
To even me He listens, And hears me when I call !
Lift up, my soul, thy praises, to the King,
His boundless love and saving grace,
Forever sing.
To Him I'll freely render The best that life can give,
And count it joy and blessing, In His dear love to live !
He is my King forever, And I will sing His praise,
With all increasing rapture,
Thro' all my length'ning days.
Lift up, my soul, thy praises That such a Friend is thine,
And sing a song of gladness, For all His love divine !
My Lord, my King, my Saviour, My everpresent Friend,
I'll love Thee and I'll praise Thee,
With joy that knows no end !
Lyrics Mrs.R.N. Turner
Music J.W. Lerman
"Lift up, my soul, thy praises" Jehovah's Praise #71 Arranged by KS 10/010/24