We are little blossoms in our Father's garden,
Breathing words of sweetness weary hearts to cheer;
Blossoms of the morning in our bright apparel,
We will prove a bleesing while we tarry here.
Dear little blossoms fair are we,
Shining as bright as bright can be;
Earnest our endeavor or saddened hearts
to cheer, While we tarry here.
We are little blossoms shining for the Master,
Like a gleaming city on the lofty heights;
While we shine for Jesus, we are helping others,
Unto all around us cheerful little lights.
We are little blossoms; may we shine forever
With our loving Saviour in His garden fair;
By the living waters we shall wither never,
But shall shine in beauty ever over there.
"Little Blossoms"
Lyrics Harriet E. Jones
Music J.Howard Entwisle
"Little Blossoms" (Exalted Praise #183) Arranged by KS 10/07/08