Just a dainty basket Filled with autumn bloom,
Yet it brought the sunshine To a darkened room;
All the week seemed brighter For those shining hours,
Laden with the sweetness Of the smilling flow'rs.
Let us all be helpful; Let us live to bless;
Little deeds of kindness Magic pow'r possess.
Scatter beams of sunshine, O'er the darkest way;
Soon the midnight gloom shall change To brightest day.
Just a sweet birdcarol Trilled upon the air,
Yet a heart was lightened Of its load of care;
Like a heav'nly message Seemed that little strain;
Sunshine, hope and courage All came back again;
Just a glad "good Morning," On a day so drear,
Yet as if by magic Skies seemed bright and clear;
And the one who heard it Passed along her way,
Smilling at the prospect Of a happy day.
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Little Deeds" (Sunday School Hymns No.1 #41)@Arranged by KS 07/05/25