Look above the clouds,
where sun doth shine !
Keep your faces turned
to the light divine;
Hidden in the folds of each sorrow lies
Something grand and sweet,
as a glad surprise.
Look above the clouds !
God is reigning still,
Trusting in His love, do His blessed will;
Look above the clouds !
there His sun doth shine
Over all the world, with a light divine.
Troubles may opress, but across the sky
Gleams a rainbow bright
when the storms pass by;
Tho' for His dear sake you may suffer loss,
You shall win a crown if you bear a cross.
Look above the clouds,
sing a song of praise,
Trusting in His love thro' the gloomy days;
Joyful bear your load till the setting sun,
Heaven's morning dawns
when life's work is done.
"Look above the clouds"
Lyrics Lizzie DeArmond
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Look above the Clouds" (The Bible School Hymnal #52) Arranged by KS 10/07/21