O matchless love ! hath the Father shown,
His only Son He gave;
Such love divine, I can claim it mine,
He died my soul to save.
Love ! love ! offer'd so full and free,
Love ! love ! fathomless as the sea,
Love ! love ! How could it ever be
That Christ on the cross died to ransom me ?
O matchless love ! that the Son of God
Atonement made for me;
He suffer'd loss on the cruel cross,
From sin to set me free.
O matchless love ! can I e'er forget
Such sorrow borne for me ?
My heart's reply is a joyful cry
Of praise for grace so free.
O matchless love ! I would ever claim
Companionship with Thee;
I would abide near the wounded side
Of Christ who died for me.
Lyrics Grant Colfax Tullar
Music I.H. Meredith
"O matchless love !" Sunday School Hymns No.2 #33 Arranged by KS 10/010/03