To the King at whose own wish and desire
We have met to worship here,
Sing the praise that only He can inspire,
From hearts full of love sicere.
Praise the Maker in whose handiwork
we freely share,
Praise the Giver of all blessing
and unceasing care;
Praise the Father, who is leading us
with hand of love,
Praise Him ! Praise Him !
Praise the blessed King above.
Give Him thanks for all the works of His hand,
For each good and lovely thing
That obey the voice, the will and command
Of Him who is Lord and King.
Sing a hymn of joy, a carol of praise,
To the Lord of earth and sky,
And remember, with the passing of days,
He rules and He reigns on high.
Lyrics Josie Wallace
Music Brinley B. Williams
"Praise the Maker" Jehovah's Praise #84 Arranged by KS 10/010/24