Oh ring the joy bells o'er and o'er
'Tis Children's Day again;
Oh ring and tell from shore to shore
Sweet peace and love to men.
Ring the joybells, sweetly ring,
Ring, ring,
Ring the joybells, sweetly ring,
'Tis Children's Day again.
Oh joybells sweet, your gladsome chime
Brings to our hearts today;
Sweet messages in rhythmic rhyme
Of happy Children's Day.
Oh joybells, ring ye, o'er and o'er
In gladness swing and sway,
Oh ring and swing, from shore to shore
This happy Children's Day.
"Ring the Joy Bells"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music Adam Geibel
"Ring the Joy Bells" (Fairer than Day #184) Arranged by KS 10/06/01