Room at the cross when by evil oppressed,
There, from its burden thy heart may find rest,
"Who ever will" is the word of the Lord,
Whoever will may be cleansed in the blood.
Room, room at the cross today,
None e'er will be turned away,
O come then without delay,
There is room at the cross for you...
Room at the cross where for you Jesus died,
Look at the wounds in His hands, feet, and side,
When you were strengthless He came from above,
And to the sinful commended God's love.
Room at the cross where the glory of God
Shines in the face of man's Saviour and Lord,
Come then to Jesus, your peace He has made,
Ev'ry transgression on Him has been laid.
"Room at the cross for you"
Lyrics Mrs.C.D.Martin
Music W.Stillman Martin
"Room at the cross for you" (Sunday School Hymns No.2 #69) Arranged by KS 10/05/11