Gladly we welcome you all back again,
Dear little bluebird and robin and wren,
Gladly we hear thro' the sweet summer days,
Your little carols of hope and of praise.
Sing away, all the day, dear little birds,
Sing away all the day nature's glad words,
Sing away all the day, gladness to bring;
News impart to each heart, news of the King.
Each summer bird is a dear little friend,
Gladly our greeting to you we would lend,
Fear not to sing; we will listen to you,
Each happy day of long summer thro'.
When the leaves fall and the snow flutters down,
When all the meadows are mantled in brown,
Then you will warble your little strain,
"Good-bye, dear children till spring comes again."
"Song of the Birds"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music W.F. Fowler
"Song of the Birds" (Fairer than Day #186) Arranged by KS 10/06/12
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