Songs of joy, glad songs of joys,
shall fill the air around us;
Word of praise for Sabbath days,
to meet be loved King.
God above, with cords of love and gratitude,
hath bound us;
Low we bow before Him now, His praise to sing.
Sing to the Lord an anthem of rejoicing,
Gather with praise to offer to the King.
Worship and pray'r and gratitude we're bringing;
Honor to His name, in songs of joy we bring.
Songs of joy, bright songs of joy,
to Him we're gladly bringing;
Tribute pay, upon His day,
for blessings of the week.
Peace we find in heart and mind,
if by His laws we're living;
Light will fill the soul that will His pathway seek.
Songs of joy, sweet songs of joy,
we bring with grateful voices;
Praise the Lord with glad accord,
and at His throne adore.
All proclaim His Holy Name;
with love each heart rejoices.
Glory sing unto our King, forever more !
"Songs of Joy"
Lyrics Josie Wallace
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Songs of Joy" (The Bible School Hymnal #136)@Arranged by KS 10/05/21
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