In the midst of the fight be courageous,
For the Lord of the battle is nigh;
In the moment of conflict and danger,
The Redeemer will hear your cry;
Neither fear nor defeat will befall you,
He is near to uphold and sustain,
Then be trustful and calm and courageous,
Not a soul ever trusted in vain.
Be ye strong, then ! be courageous !
For the fight is not yours, but the Lord's....
And the victory, royal and glorious,
To the brave and the true He awards.
To the faint and the weak He increaseth
The abundance of courage and pow'r,
And the song of the victors who triumph,
Shall be heard where the stormclouds low'r;
Unto Him be the pow'r of dominion,
Unto Him be the wisdom and might,
In the hearts of the true and the loyal,
Be the courage to march and to fight.
Hear the words of the Captain who calleth,
"Lift your hearts, and be still undismay'd,"
'Tis the Lord who will order the battle,
Trust in Him, be Thou not afraid;
By and by when the conflict is over,
We will rest by the River of Life,
Unto God shall be then all the glory,
For the courage that won in the strife.
"Take Courage"
Lyrics Julia H.Johnston
Music Grant Colfax Tullar
"Take Courage" (Sunday School Hymns No.2 #116) Arranged by KS 10/08/05