The bells of hope are ringing, O'er all the world today,
And countless voices singing Join in the happy lay,
The world is full of gladness, For hope today was born,
When Christ, the King of glory Arose on Easter morn.
Ring out, ye merry, merry bells,
Good news to all you bring,
Ring out, ring out, your happy chiming tells
Of Christ our risen King.
The bells of hope are ringing, All Nature's bright and gay,
She comes from death of winter Resplendent on her way.
So help us, Heav'nly Father, To count all sin as dead,
And grow with quickened purpose
In Christ our living Head.
The bells of hope are ringing, O saddened heart now sing,
For cruel Death is vanquished, And Christ is risen King.
The grave could not retain Him,
Nor prove its boasted might,
He burst the bands asunder And reigns in deathless light.
"The Bells of Hope"
Lyrics & Music I.H. Meredith
"The Bells of Hope" (The Bible School Hymnal #223) Arranged by KS 10/05/11