Beyond the sunset gates of gold,
beyond the ocean's gleaming strand,
There is a land of joy untold
A Heavenly Summerland !
O Summerland of joy and light,
Beyond the shadows of the night !
No storms shall sweep thy golden strand
O Heavenly Summerland !
O fadeless are the flow'rs that bloom
Upon that bright and happy shore;
There is no sorrow, pain nor gloom
But joy forevermore !
Within that happy home on high,
Long severed friends clasp hand with hand,
And none shall ever say good-bye,
In Heaven's Summerland !
We shall behold the Saviour's face,
As' round the great white throne we stand,
And share the wonders of His grace,
In Heaven's Summerland !
"The Heavenly Summerland"
Lyrics Alice Jean Cleator
Music J.Howard Entwisle
"The Heavenly Summerland" (Exalted Praise #37) Arranged by KS 10/06/12
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