Rain and sunshine, night and morning,
In the swift, revolving year;
Smiling flow'rs the spring adorning,
Leaves of autumn, brown and sere:
Just as varied is life's story,
But unchanged our Friend above;
We are singing to His glory,
There is joy in Him we love.
Joy, joy, joy for the passing days;
Joy, joy, joy, cheering dreary ways;
Joy, joy, joy, O give thanks and praise;
There is joy in Him we love.
As the golden hours are flying,
Let us use them all for Him;
On His gracious arm relying,
When the way grows dark and dim.
On the clouds of care and sadness
Will the bow of hope appear,
And we sing in trustful gladness,
There is joy with Jesus near.
Joy unfading, heav'nly treasure,
Growing sweeter all the way;
As His grace, in royal measure,
Helps us onward, day by day.
Passing thro' the lonely valley,
Leaning on the Shepherd true,
Then will faith its forces rally;
There'll be joy with heav'n in view.
"There is joy in Him we love"
Lyrics E.E. Hewitt
Music J.Howard Entwisle
"There is joy in Him we love" (Exalted Praise #66) Arranged by KS 10/08/07