When at last the strife is endrd,
And the reign of peace and begun,
When we gather in the homeland
To receive the crowns we've won,
Face to face we'll see the Saviour,
And a shout of joy shall ring,
As the ransom'd sing the praises
Of the Saviour, Lord and King.
Alleluia ! Alleluia ! men and angels sing,.......
Alleluia ! Alleluia !
Hail and crown Him Lord and King.
When the toils of life are over,
And its burdens down we lay,
There awaits for us a welcome
To a land of fadeless day;
'Mid the throng that waits our coming,
We shall see one fairest face,
'Tis the blessed Lord and Saviour
Who redeems us by His grace.
Let us love and trustband serve
Him As we longer linger here,
That His smile may rest upon us
Till in glory we appear;
Let us bear the cross of service,
Welcome joy or grief and pain,
Till in glory we shall see Him
Freed from ev'ry spot and stain.
"When the strife is ended"
Lyrics George O. Webster
Music I.H.Meredith
"When the strife is ended" (The Bible School Hymnal #89) Arranged by KS 10/08/15