Peaceful wonderous night, Peaceful and holy,
Under the silv'ry light, Gleaming afar.
Faithfully watching there, Shepherds so lowly,
Over the hills so fair, Saw glory's star,
Hail to the starry night, Sparkling with glory;
Angels on wings of light, Thronging the sky;
Hail to that starry night ! Wonderous its story;
Jesus the Prince of Light, Came from above.
Come with that shepherd band,
Come to the manger;
Join in the chorus grand Glory to God !
Worship the Holy Child, Wonderful stranger,
Give to the undefiled, Glory and land.
Sweet favor, thus to bow, Love's treasure bringing,
Greatfully yielding now, Life's joyful praise.
Hear from the heav'nly height, Glad echoes ringing,
Blessing and power and might, Thro' endless days.
"Peaceful Night"
Lyrics E.E.Hewitt Music E.G.Snelling
"Peaceful Night" Sunday School Hymns No.1 #250 Arranged by KS 10/12/22