The day was dark and all seem'd lost
when to the tomb
They bore the form of Christ the crucified.
Loved ones hoped that He would reign.
But their hopes were all in vain,
For they saw Him as upon the cross He died.
But there dawned a resurrection morn so fair,
When the Saviour rose from out the tomb,
For the angels came and rolled the stone away,
And today is banished all earth's gloom.
The stone before the door was set and firmly sealed.
A guard was plac'd to watch by night and day,
For they fear'd that from the dead
He would rise as He had said,
Or perchance His own would spirit Him away.
Oh, sad and lonely ones today,
look upI rejoiceI
The empty tomb with praises may resound.
Over mountain, hill and plain,
Let there ring the glad refrain,
Bringing hope and cheer
wherever man is found.
"Resurrection Morn So Fair"
Lyrics Grant Colfax Tullar
Music J.W. Lerman
"Resurrection Morn So Fair" (The Bible School Hymnal #222)@Arranged by KS 10/04/25