The bells of Easter sweetly peal. "Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
They chime the hope He doth reveal, This joyful Easter Day.
The Lord of Life hath gone on high; Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
"Rejoice," with swelling notes they cry!"Rejoice, rejoice;" they say."
Shines the glorious heav'nly portal!Angel songs we almost hear!
O the joy of life immortal, When in glory we appear.
The shining Easter angels say. “Christ is risen!Christ is risen!
Come, see the place where Jesus lay. He's ris'n; He is not here.
No longer held in death's embrace, Christ is risen!Christ is risen!
Ye shall behold Him face to face, In glory to appear.
Repeat the tidings far and wide!"Christ is risen!Christ is risen!
No longer Christ the crucified. But Christ the mighty King.
For us exalted evermore, Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
While heav'nly hosts our Lord adore, Let all creation sing!"
"The Bells of Easter"
Lyrics B.H. Winslow
Music Margaret Coote Brown
"The Bells of Easter" (Sunday School Hymns No.1 #278) MP3 Arranged by KS 10/04/17
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